Girls in Bangkok

Areas to pick girls in Bangkok

Sukhumvit, Khaosan and RCA are the three popular areas of Bangkok which are famous for picking Bangkok bar girls and enjoying the nightlife in Bangkok. Following I am sharing more details about this area to help you to pick girls in Bangkok.



This is located near to Siam. If you have booked a hotel room in Siam then you can come to Sukhumvit easily by walk. If you have not booked a hotel room and looking to book a hotel in Bangkok then make sure to look for a room in Sukhumvit because this will make it easy for you to enjoy Bangkok nightlife. This place is known as the heart of Bangkok nightlife due to the verity of Bangkok girls which can be found there. There are dozens of go-go clubs, dance clubs, strip clubs, massage parlors and bars from where you can pick any age of Bangkok bar girl easily in very affordable price.

While the Sukhumvit road is full with many places to enter to make you Bangkok nightlife exclusive, but still some of them are very popular which includes:

  • Nana: Nana Plaza does not require any introduction. It is the busiest place in Sukhumvit where all tourists want to enter due to a verity of Bangkok bar girls and ladyboys. Almost all age and size of Bangkok girls can be hired there for sex and massage services with the happy ending.
  • Asoke: It is located near to Nana plaza. So, if you do not found the place in Nana or the close of Nana has been closed before you reached there, then you can visit Asoke. It is no less than any other exclusive bar which is located on Sukhumvit road. There are also many restaurants there from where you can not only pick hookers but also local Bangkok girls.
  • Phrom Phong: Most of the bars in this area is specifically made for Japanese. The themes of these bars and restaurants are based on Asian culture. Other than Bangkok girls, you can found girls from other Asian countries in this area. This area is also popular for traditional Asian food.
Girls in Bangkok



This area of Bangkok, party hard 365 days of the year. While it is not much popular like Sukhumvit but still you will found that a lot of tourists there. The main market of this area offers very cheap products. It could be challenging for you to found a girl in this area of Bangkok but if you try to go inside the main market, and then you will enter the paradise of Bangkok girls. They are dancing in the mid of road and partying hard. You can approach them easily for sex, massage or just for a casual date in your hotel room.

There are many bars and clubs also located there from where you can pick Bangkok bar girls. The popular bars of this area including Brick bar, 99 West, Deep club and Cliff Club etc. On average, you will found that this area has most local than tourists from other countries. So, it is an ideal place to make local friends from there.



This area is popular among locals but still, you will found their many foreigners. It could be hard to pick Bangkok bar girls in this area because the restaurants here offer to out to families but if you want to date with a local Bangkok girl then this is the ideal place. You need to approach an alone girl there for the date. These girls are attracting to foreigners, specifically the men from West. So, if you know how to make girl ready for a date, then try it here.

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