Girls in Bangkok

How to pick girls in Bangkok?

You don’t need to be an expert in love to pick a girl in Bangkok because the Bangkok girls are always interested in going on date with foreigners’ men because they found them attractive as compare to local men. But still, if you have never been in Bangkok before nor has no idea that how to pick girls in Bangkok then you must read our guide below:


Before you start reading the guide, you must first need to know that there is all type of girls in Bangkok including girls from Russia, Philippines, India, and Sri Lanka. If you approach them for sex, then they would not refuse you because this is what their source of income. Most of these girls work as a freelancer and can be picked easily from any popular road or red light area of Bangkok. The other girls are the regular Bangkok girls with whom you can meet in a shopping mall, local bus or somewhere in restaurants. Pick them could be difficult than picking Bangkok bar girls.

If you entered in a Go-Go bar to enjoy Bangkok nightlife, then you can take services from one of their dancers or you can approach local Bangkok girls who also there to enjoy the dance. They are not escorts but always interested in making new friends from different part of the world. As I mentioned before that they are attractive toward men from Western countries due to their appearance.

Girls in Bangkok

Start the conversation: The first step is to find a girl who is sitting alone on the table in the bar, restaurant or club. You need to approach them first because she would not. Most of Bangkok girls are shy and you can take advantage for it by starting the conversation. English of Bangkok girls like other Bangkok bar girls is not very well so be prepared for it. You can start the conversation by asking personal question including age, name, what does she do etc.


Take her out for the outing: Bangkok girls get friendly soon. You can ask the girl for an outing. It is hard that if the girls in Bangkok will refuse to a Western man for the outing. You don’t need to take her for the drive as it could be expensive so it is better to walk with her in the market and keep engage her by asking questions about Bangkok and its culture. Don’t forget to hold her hand in your hand.

Dance with her: Once you found her comfortable with her, then take her to any random dance club. It would be great if you ask for her suggestion. She will feel safer with you. Don’t go to a dance club where music is loud. If you do not found any then you can ask for coffee or maybe a drink etc.

Bang her in your hotel: Now taking her to your hotel room could be challenging. Always try to keep near to your hotel when you are picking girls in Bangkok. You can make any excuse to take her in your hotel room. For example, you can say that you need to charge your mobile phone or you forget something important in your room etc. Once she is in the room, she will be ready for sex. Don’t be an animal as she is not hooker or Bangkok bar girl. Try to be nice, keep it good for her too.

If you found the above procedure difficult then you have always option to pick Bangkok girls from any random go-go club or Bangkok bar girls from bars. They charge you money but you don’t need to do any effort to take them in your hotel room.


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