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Best go-go bars for girls in Bangkok

Bangkok nightlife is incomplete without visiting a go-go bar club to spend quality time with Bangkok bar girls. The drinks are not the only thing which you can enjoy there but also erotic dance, music, and sex. Most of the best go-go clubs of Bangkok city are located in the three popular red-light area of the city which includes Nana Plaza, Patpong, and Soi Cowboy.

Following we are sharing with you the list of best go-go clubs which you should visit in Bangkok to enjoy the Bangkok nightlife with Bangkok girls:


Baccara – This Go-go bar is based on Japanese theme that’s why you will found that the most of the customers in this bar is Japanese but it is opened for everyone. The best thing about this bar is its second floor which is made of the glass. You can see the girls from the ground floor (yup, you will get the view of their private parts from there). The price in this club to meet with Bangkok girls start’s from 190 baht in which you will allow to enter the club where to get a drink from the Bangkok bar girl, you need to pay 2200 baht. For the long session, it cost up to 6000 baht which depends on the type, size, and age of the girl.

Lighthouse – There are so many go-go dancers in this club due to which half of them has to wait outside and please the customers from there. If you do not want to pay an entry fee which is 145 baht, then you should approach the girls from there. They may refuse you in the start but if you offer them good money then they will ready to go with you.

Bangkok Bar Girls

Crazy house – The name of this place justify the environment of this club. This is one of few go-go club of Bangkok where you will found nude Bangkok girls. It is located on Soi 23. The entry fee of this club is only 150 baht in which you can also enjoy the free beer. Try to get your seat on the first floor because girls there offer you more than just dance.

Shark – This is known as the best Bangkok bar in the term to enjoy Bangkok nightlife. There are more than 100 Bangkok bar girls are available all the time. They wear short skirts while performing on the stage. The entry fee is only 165 that. To enjoy further, you need to pay more money but by paying an entry fee, you will enjoy not less. The club is opened the whole night.


Bada Bing – This bar is located in the heart of Patpong and known one of the best bars of the city. It is divided into different parts which mean that it has different things to offer to all type of customers. The entry fee in this bar is relatively low but the price of their shows are expensive which start’s from 600 baht to 1800 baht but these shows guaranteed you lot of pleasure. The Bangkok girls in this go-go bar are attractive and do their complete effort to make their customer happy.

Billboard – This bar is located on top floor of Nana Plaza and it is famous for its huge Jacuzzi which is filled with sexy Bangkok bar girls. The drinks in this bar start from 160 baht only. If you are lucky then try to pick a seat near to the Jacuzzi and make sure that you are wearing formal clothes because you will get wet then girls will approach you and touch your body parts.



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