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Bangkok Nightlife at Sukhumvit Road

Bangkok nightlife is exclusively known for Bangkok girls. It is true that you have so much to do in Bangkok. You can g visit to beautiful places, exploring historical buildings and shopping from the local market but without enjoying the Bangkok nightlife with Bangkok bar girls, you have wasted your money.


Bangkok is one of the most popular cities of the world and it is mostly known for its sex tourism. People all around the world visit to this paradise of attractive girls every day but there are very few who take the pleasure from the nightlife of Bangkok. Most of them wasted their money on Bangkok bar girls and did not get what they wished for. The reason behind this is the lack of information. Usually, tourists entered to the random go-go club, strip club and bars where not each and every bar in Bangkok is mean to offer you sex.

If you are planning to visit Bangkok in near future specifically for Bangkok nightlife, then you should read this article because in this article we are talking about the famous road of Bangkok which is known as the paradise of Bangkok in the term to find Bangkok girls and enjoy Bangkok nightlife.

Bangkok Nightlife

Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok is located in the heart of the city. You do not need to do any effort to reach there. Ask to any local of the city or take a taxi to there. In the light, this city has so many options for shopping but in the night this city has been changed completely. The bars have been opened where you can enjoy drinks, food, dancing, strip shows and massage etc.

To make it easy for the tourists, the management of the city has divided the Sukhumvit Road intro small areas and named it Soi which means “small side road.” Each of these has been names with numbers where each Soi has something different to offer you. While there are dozens of Sois are there in Sukhumvit Road but some of them are most popular and we will talk about them only below which will help you to find sexist Bangkok girls.


  • Soi 3: This area is usually famous for the Arab tourists. The girls in this area are most young and attractive. The prices of these Bangkok bar girls are high, that’s why they look for tourists from Arab Gulf countries. But you do not need to be worried if you have money to offer you
  • Soi 4: The main attraction of this Soi is Nana Plaza, the heaven of hookers and bar girls. Simply enter in this Soi and approach to the girl of your choice. Make sure to agree on a price in advance.
  • Soi 6 and 7: This place is famous for Bangkok nightlife. There are bars and BJ bars everywhere in this area. The hookers in this area charge low and also have the place for you to stay. You can even take a quick relief there while sitting in the bar.
  • Soi 11: The classic place to enjoy the nightlife. There are restaurants, bars, and clubs where you can dance with strangers and make friends. The food serves in this area is always yummy. You can also approach to bar girls there.
  • Soi 22 and 23: This area is popular for its Go-Go clubs. There is the range of clubs are located there. The price of each club is different. The Go-Go club with nude girls charges bit high as compare to regular go-go clubs.

When you found the girl of your choice from these areas, simply approach them. Start the conversation about their beauty and directly asked for their rates.

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