Girls in Bangkok

How to find girls in Bangkok?

Bangkok is known as the paradise of Asia. Not only in term of beautiful places to visit but also to find beautiful girls. The Bangkok nightlife is famous for Bangkok girls. Unlike other countries, you can be friend with any type of girls in Bangkok and trust me, it is the easiest thing to do as long as you know that where you can found them.

Following I am writing a detailed guide for you which will help you to learn how to find girls in Bangkok and enjoy the real Bangkok nightlife which is beyond just drinking beer in a club and watching pool dance in a dancing bar.


Types of Bangkok Girls:

Before you start the following the step to finding girls in Bangkok, you need to know that girls in Bangkok come in all sizes, shapes, color and attraction. As long as you have money in your pocket, you can get one of your choices. The good thing about Bangkok bar girls is that they are not expensive at all. Especially if you are traveling from America, Canada, Australia or any European country, then you do not need to strive due to money in Bangkok.

Bangkok bar girls:

The most common way to find girls in Bangkok is to visit any popular bar to meet Bangkok bar girls. They are working there as waitress, dancer or even as the girl on reception who welcome you. You can ask for the manager for any girl of your choice. They all pretend to be working in the bar but in reality, they are all part of the popular sex tourism of Bangkok. Other than this, each and every bar in Bangkok has the girls who are performing on the stage. Usually, they are the most attractive girls and their rates for per hour to per night are a bit high than the girls who are serving food and drink.

Girls in Bangkok


Bangkok girls in the red-light area:

The popular red light area of Bangkok is the most popular place for the tourists because it is the place where you can enjoy the Bangkok nightlife in reality. Girls can be found there in street, standing at the entrance of strip clubs, go-go bars and even in front of restaurants. Like Bangkok bar clubs, the rates of each girl are differing. But if you are looking for an inexpensive solution then you should directly talk with the girl secretly instead of their managers.



Freelancer hookers in Bangkok:

Going for freelancer hookers are the best choice because you do not need to pay for bar ticket, manager’s commission while most of the freelancer’s Bangkok girls has their own place for sex. They do charge bit high and looking for only Arab, English and American men but as long as you can pay the money of their demand, then you can take advantage of their services.

Bangkok girls in Go-Go bars:

There are dozens of go-go bars in the red light area of Bangkok. Usually, there are two types of go-go bars are there. One, there you can found the dancers performing on the stage, which cost very low and second one is the nude dancers. You can watch the show for free after paying the entrance fee but if you want to take a girl with you in your hotel, then you have to talk with the manager of the bar. The girls who are performing nude are usually young, beautiful and most of them belong to other Asian countries like Philippines, Malaysia, India, and Russia etc. Rates of each girl depend on many factors but age is the most important among all.

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